Helping you hear better for life

At the University of Queensland (UQ) Audiology Clinic, we'll work with you to take a positive approach to your hearing. Whether you are experiencing hearing loss or are concerned about your hearing or that of your child, our expert audiologists will provide you with a range of solutions targeted at your hearing needs. Referrals are not required to attend our clinics.

Services we offer

  • Children's Hearing Services
  • Adult Hearing Services
    • Hearing Tests: Standard and specialised hearing testing to evaluate the source and severity of hearing loss or impairment 
    • Custom-fit hearing aid solutions: Independent and individualised advice about the latest hearing aid technologies and styles, including near invisible hearing aid devices 
    • Hearing communication programs: Individualised and group hearing training options available 
    • Repairs and hearing aid adjustments: Earmoulds, fast hearing aid diagnosis, hearing aid repairs and hearing aid adjustments to meet individual needs
    • Onsite education: Free advice on strategies and training for coping with hearing loss and using corrective and assistive technology
    • Central Auditory Processing Tests: For adults with suspected difficulties identifying and processing sound and speech
    • Occupational Health and Safety Hearing Assessments: As part of a comprehensive hearing conservation program in any facility that involves excessive noise
    • Musician earplugs: To protect your ears from loud noise and music
    • Swimming earplugs: To protect your ears when swimming or bathing



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