Removing barriers to accessing rehabilitation services

Our Story

The Telerehabilitation Clinic (TRC) was established in 2015 following a generous philanthropic donation by the Bowness Family Foundation.  TRC services are based upon research conducted over the last 15 years by Professor Trevor Russell (Physiotherapy) and Professor Deborah Theodoros (Speech Pathology).  The aim of the TRC is to provide clinical education to the next generation of allied health professionals about this innovative mode of service delivery and to provide the community with greater access to allied health services.  

What is Telerehabilitation?

UQ's Telerehabilitation Clinic (TRC) uses the internet to deliver real-time rehabilitation services to clients in their own home, workplace or local community.

Location, transport or mobility limitations are no longer barriers to accessing services, as the TRC allows us to extend our reach and impact across the community.

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What you can expect

We provide a holistic approach to your needs and work with you to provide a personalised therapy plan. Our telerehabilitation services are highly interactive and use equipment you already have access to, such as an iPad or webcam.  Best of all, the internet-based programme we use is simple and easy to use, and free to access for your therapy sessions.

We only use secure platforms to deliver services to protect your privacy.

The Telerehabilitation Clinic has been developed by some of the world’s leading experts in telerehabilitation. As a client, this mean you will have access to services that are based on the latest research in the area of telerehabilitation.

What you need
To utilise our services you will need access to:

  • a good internet connection (wired, Wi-Fi or 3G/4G access)
  • an iPad or computer/laptop with microphone, speakers and a web camera 
  • referrals are not necessary to access our clinics

Services we offer

Research shows that telerehabilitation is a valid and effective method of service delivery across many disciplines including audiology, occupational therapy, physiotherapy & speech pathology.

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