Helping you to move and be active

The University of Queensland's (UQ) Physiotherapy Clinics provide a wide range of physiotherapy, rehabilitation and healthcare services to the community. Together we'll identify how to enhance your activity and participation so that you can get the most out of life. Our clinics provide speciality physiotherapy for children and adolescents; musculoskeletal and sporting injuries; and mobility, balance, vestibular and neurological issues. Referrals are not required to attend our clinics.

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Services we offer

  • Our team of Physiotherapists/Educators and students will provide you with high level care. 

    • We will utilised evidence and advanced skills to provide individual diagnoses and management plans
    • A careful and comprehensive assessment of your movement problem is performed and includes observation, functional movement analysis and a detailed hands-on examination to evaluate your problem and how it effects your quality of life
    • Findings are explained to you and together we develop a plan to help achieve your goals
    • Plans include specific therapeutic exercise prescription, manual therapy and advice on ergonomics, postural correction and movement re-education.


  • As a client family of the Paediatric Physiotherapy Clinic, you have the opportunity for your child to receive individual assessment, supportive care and a program designed to improve quality of life and happiness through the growing years.

    • Our clinical practitioners have decades of experience to share with you and guide your child’s development. Physiotherapy sessions are delivered in a fun, safe, engaging and fully supervised environment
    • Behavioural disorders such Attention Deficit (AD) are associated with reduced concentration, learning difficulty, hyperactivity, movement planning and organisation ability. Children diagnosed with AD are typically referred to as ‘clumsy’ and have been shown to benefit from physiotherapy
    • Children with diagnosed Autistic Spectrum Disorder may have associated motor planning and performance problems which also have been shown to improve with physiotherapy interventions.
  • We specialise in the rehabilitation of chronic and progressive neurological conditions in adults, and deliver interventions to enhance the potential for healthy ageing.

    • Falls prevention, balance and vestibular dysfunction may require assessment and application of specific interventions
    • Clients with symptoms adversely affecting their mobility, co-ordination, sensation, balance or activity participation, receive supportive and positive assistance to improve safety, independence and physical ability 
    • The fully supervised student led service can review walking aids, determine wheelchair suitability, prescription and fitting
    • Fun, friendly and focussed group classes are offered and include sessions for Parkinson’s Disease, Stroke survivors, Balance group, Upper Limb Function group, Intensive Circuit group and Running group. These group sessions deliver individual gains for clients in a social and motivational setting