What equipment do I need?

You will need either an iPad or PC/laptop (with microphone and webcam) and adequate internet connection.  We will do a test call prior to sessions beginning.

What age range do you see?

We see anyone from pre-prep through to the elderly.  Depending on the situation, there may be a ‘local therapy assistant’ (eg. Parent, spouse or teacher aide) to be our helper.

Can you deliver sessions into schools?

Yes, we have a lot of experience delivering services into schools.  This requires commitment from schools to facilitate the sessions and to provide an appropriate space for therapy to occur in.

Do we take away local therapist jobs?

No, our aim is to collaborate with local therapists already involved in the care of our clients.  In many areas there isn’t adequate access to allied health professionals and our aim is to bridge this gap for people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to access these services.

Can parents attend sessions?

Yes!  In fact, we strongly encourage parents to be involved in all therapy sessions.  Even if you are not available to be at the session, we can include you in the video conference.

Are group sessions available?

Yes.  We are able to see up to 6 people in different locations during the same video conference.  This is ideal for group therapy and exercise classes.

Do you use Skype?

No, we use a specialised video conference platform called eHAB to deliver services.  eHAB was developed for allied health professionals and has many additional features, such as better security and measuring tools, compared to other platforms (such as Skype).